Vinaria din Vale

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Vinaria din Vale


Once upon a time there was a small village with hard working people, located in the place where the waters of Prut meet Danube. The village was surrounded by ponds rich in fish, and was the home of large conveys of storks. The villagers loved these wonderful birds, believing that they brought good luck and peace to their homes.

One autumn, some terrible frosts swept the land. Following the chilly weather, one early morning, the convey of storks flew and made a circle high in the sky. The birds’ direction was not the usual South, but East, where the Sun rises. The local people started to worry about the absence of the peaceful birds, when one day some native children saw the storks flying above a Valley. Seeing this, all the natives took the Valley route and followed the birds.

Despite the terrific freeze of that season, the Valley was visibly not affected. Instead, a mineral spring was keeping the Valley alive, and a bunch of grape vines were growing in that place. From these same grapes, the storks were able to feed themselves during the cold winter weather.

When the locals tasted the juicy grapes, they were pleasantly surprised of the intense and aromatic flavour.When the time came for the storks to leave the surroundings, all the villagers came to greet the magical birds. Thus the immediate next Spring, the locals started to cultivate the succulent grape vine.

Due to the pure water spring discovered by the birds, the grape vines are now cultivated. With the warmth of the land and the last flashes of sun, the grapes are filled with sweetness.

The wines produced from this type of grapes are truly blessed by the storks, which are nowadays still flying in circles above “Vinaria din Vale”.