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Two-time WORLD RECOGNITION of «MEDOFF» softness

«MEDOFF» won the gold medal at the prestigious International Tasting Competition «UNITED VODKA-2012". The results of the most prestigious in Europe tasting contest «UNITED VODKA-2012", which is traditionally held in the famous Cannes Film Festival.

This year, the 13th international competition brought together the largest producers of vodka from Austria, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, CIS and several Asian countries. In the competition for authoritative international recognition fought more than 30 world vodka brands from 16 countries.

Contest «UNITED VODKA» conducted in accordance with the general requirements of the European Commission, which should be applied in the EU. This year, the international jury that evaluated the quality of alcoholic beverages, includes respected vodka production technology, professional tasters and bartenders. Members of the jury of the contest objectively and independently. No one can influence their decision.

In the category of "Vodka" brand «MEDOFF» won the gold medal. Success «MEDOFF» on the only independent European vodka competition was a logical continuation of the brand recognition on the world stage. "Throughout its history, taste and quality of vodka «MEDOFF» always exceeded customer expectations. Thanks to this successful brand and is recognized all over the world,"- said the chief engineer of the Crimean Vodka Company Sergey Grigorenko.

At the ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest «UNITED VODKA-2012" is traditionally gathered producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, famous actors, directors, media and spectators from around the world.
Note: According to the research firm «RTRI Ukraine», brand «MEDOFF» - one of the leaders of Ukrainian vodka market. Vodka under TM «MEDOFF» always been impeccable quality and classic taste bland. They are made with an exclusive patented technology. Production technology and recipes are unique in the world. In 2011, sales of vodka «MEDOFF» carried out in more than 17 countries and sales in duty free. On account of the brand «MEDOFF» huge number of prestigious international awards.

UNITED VODKA - an annual independent testing competition, established in Brussels in 2000. Users UNITED VODKA always meet the high quality of alcoholic beverages, which they are assigned. They have become a symbol of European quality mark of quality for consumers and distributors.