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Authoritative British business publication The Financial Times The taste test: flavoured vodkas released the results of testing of vodka. Given the unpopularity of its use in pure form in the UK market , experts and consumers surveyed FT, drew attention to the category of special vodkas.

So, for testing different samples were taken classic vodka. In this category, the favorites were " Russian Standard Platinum" and "North Cupid " from Bashkortostan. In search of special vodkas, the taste of which is improved by the addition of natural ingredients, presented various patterns that can be purchased in the UK, as well as in Russia. Because the technology is not a traditional preparation for the Russian Federation, were also presented samples of Ukrainian vodka.

According to the panelists, and organoleptic quality of these vodkas are very impressed with the Western way of consumption, so their appearance in these markets is very predictable. Author Peter Bazalgette - the famous British television producer and host of creative figure in the global television Endemol stated: "So, we have two vodka which can be drunk slowly, sipping a decadent West, and not drinking with Cossack rigidity."

During testing, the tasters interested recipe and production technology of special vodka. Not every manufacturer will undertake to produce such beverages . Take into account all the nuances of technology and really make a quality product only by a strong player with a strong science and technology base and global quality standards . An illustrative example - Ukrainian vodka, created the technology back in 2002 and leading the sales not only in Ukraine but also in Russia for many years. It has repeatedly won the highest awards at major international tasting competitions . Already in the middle of the two-thousand years , its success was how big that many Ukrainian , Russian and Kazakh producers even tried to copy the " buds ", but no one was unable to repeat the success of the original beverage.

Today, "На березовых бруньках" is a unique series of special vodkas with fresh taste that stands out above the rest.