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Tradition - this is an invaluable experience that we pass down from generation to generation, trying to make life better. Vodka "Mernaya" also follows certain traditions in cooking to please you with a clean taste and high quality. The constant tradition of vodka - using the unique technology of cleaning milk. That is why vodka "Mernaya" has a unique taste and excellent quality.
Vodka ТМ «Mernaya» is unique in that it successfully combines tradition and modern filtration technology. Clean, smooth taste and impeccable quality - what more do you need for a wonderful feast? Only good company!
Set of cooking traditions of vodka under TM «Mernaya»:
1. Silver filtration of water. We have a 72% water. On its quality directly affects our health. Therefore TM "Mernaya" first drew attention to the quality of the water used in the production of vodka. Initially magnetized water that returns to her natural structure, and only then made her silver dust filtration.
2.Molecular cleaning milk. At this stage, the manufacture of vodka "Mernaya" takes on a unique softness of taste. Following tradition, within 21 days of vodka purified by skimmed milk, which removes all contaminants at the molecular level. In addition, milk enriched with calcium vodka and other beneficial trace elements that it contains.
3. Speed grinding. According to tradition, "Mernaya" should have crystal clear, so it is micron polishing filtration through holes of different diameters.
4. Maximum protection against counterfeiting. TM "Mernaya" safeguard the consumers from fraud, protect the impeccable quality and clean taste with a unique dosing cap on each bottle.