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Hutarok MedalHutarok Medal


Welcome to the world Hutorok! In particular peace of mind.

Here everyone can find peace of mind - just as you want it to him. Relax on the green grass at the lakes in the shade. Or sit at a leisurely conversation in the company of loved ones. And enjoy your favorite dishes from childhood - varenichkami hot, homemade sausages, aromatic freshly baked bread with a crispy crust.

And the atmosphere of cordiality and comfort will create vodka hutorok cooked to a delicious homemade recipes, sincerely, with love, for themselves. Only the best, time-tested ingredients and unhurried, fully follow the recipe fills vodka "Little Farm" special warmth, only relatives and friends of the spirit.
Vodka "Little Farm" - a traditional Ukrainian vodka, created by a delicious homemade recipes, sincerely, with love, for themselves.

We use only the best, time-tested ingredients and, more slowly, completely follow the recipe.
That is why the "Little Farm" is not only pleases customers high quality, but also gives an atmosphere of mental relaxation in the company of close friends.


In February 2011, before the start of production, Gorilochka "Hutorok Ekskportna" confirmed the high level. In the tasting competition in the largest International Exhibition "ProdExpo 2011" (Moscow) in a "blind" test was attended by 127 samples of vodka from 42 manufacturers.

In a competitive environment, Gorilochka "Hutorok Export" won the international jury of his velvety taste and won the Gold Medal "for excellent quality