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Two-time WORLD RECOGNITION of «MEDOFF» softness

«MEDOFF» won the gold medal at the prestigious International Tasting Competition «UNITED VODKA-2012". The results of the most prestigious in Europe tasting contest «UNITED VODKA-2012", which is traditionally held in the famous Cannes Film Festival.

"Mernaya" won two "gold" at the largest international exhibition in Moscow

Ukrainian vodka added to its reserve once 2 gold medals after winning the international tasting competition, which was held as part of the largest in the CIS Food Forum - "Продэкспо-2013".


For maintaining the leading position in the domestic and international markets of Ukraine in the field of food processing industry "Crimean vodka company" is recognized as an industry leader in the Ukrainian program "Agropromislovy complex of Ukraine: sogodennya is the future".


Authoritative British business publication The Financial Times The taste test: flavoured vodkas released the results of testing of vodka. Given the unpopularity of its use in pure form in the UK market , experts and consumers surveyed FT, drew attention to the category of special vodkas.

"Medoff Cayenne" received a gold medal, " Prodekspo 2013 " for exceptional softness

For the first time in 20 years history of the largest in the CIS grocery Forum " Prodekspo " pepper tincture received the highest award in the nomination "For exceptional softness." This year, the competition of the best alcoholic drinks involved nearly 400 brands from 28 countries. Evaluated the production of the international jury, which included leading experts - tasters.